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“Good quality dairy products should be available to everyone all over the world’“

René & José

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Globemilk core values

Globemilk sets high standards within its own organisation and those of its partners, from dairy farmer to distribution and marketing: the complete dairy chain is monitored. In this way Globemilk ensures a consistently high quality in its products. Choosing Globemilk is therefore choosing a certified and professional partner.

Globemilk is an independent family business. Our goal is to build on long-term relationships as an involved and professional partner. Choosing Globemilk means choosing continuity, quality and flexibility.

Globemilk is built on the rock-solid conviction that good dairy products should be available to everyone. As milk producers, we consider humans, animals and the environment. Choosing Globemilk means choosing a partner that takes social responsibility seriously; from dairy farmer to supermarket.

Globemilk is more than a supplier. We attach considerable value to open communication and short lines: we like working with others and are always available for advice. This is how we create impact: we react quickly to market developments or technological developments. Choosing Globemilk is choosing a partner with commitment, and not just a supplier.

The strength of the family

Globemilk is a family business set up by traditional dairy farmers. The bond with Holland has remained steady: Globemilk is familiar with the entire chain, from cow to fridge. Globemilk has since grown into an international brand, but the basics have remained the same:

Globemilk is 100% independent and believes in the strength of the family. Everything begins with honest business practices, which is exactly what Globemilk stands for.

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“Involved personnel and craftsmanship makes the difference“


QA Manager/ Production Manager

“Making every detail matter is what I enjoy most“


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“Together we make things better“


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“At the end of the day it all starts with sourcing the best ingredients“


head of buying, logistics and planning

“Availability and affordability is key to success“


international marketing & sales director

“strong partnerships give meaning to business“


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“Offering better living standards to every family around the world“


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