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Windmills, meadowlands and cows: a typical Dutch landscape. For centuries Dutch cows have had space to graze here. We select the best for our livestock. Dutch cows are strong and healthy, a reliable basis for high-quality Dutch milk.

Globemilk likes working in conjunction with professional dairy farmers from their own environment, experienced farmers with many years in the business who know their cows and their land through and through. In this way our cows get the care and attention they need, a vital ingredient for healthy milk.

At Globemilk, checking raw materials is our second nature: each delivery is inspected for antibiotics, temperature, pH-value, and documentation. In addition, the various components of the milk are analysed, such as fat, protein and lactose. When these requirements are satisfied, the raw milk is accepted into the production process. In this way we guarantee high quality with the trusted flavour.

The Dutch raw milk is heated to an Ultra High Temperature (UHT), so that long-life milk and cream products can be made from it. The milk is aseptically filled, so is hygienic and safe. Globemilk has a variety of filling machines which make a complete range of dairy products possible. After filling, each package is provided with a print that includes a unique code. This Track-and-Trace-system on the print code ensures that products can always be traced everywhere.

In order to safeguard the flavour as well as product safety, all processes at Globemilk are carefully monitored. To guarantee high quality milk, extensive quality checks take place before, during and after production. This way we can release our products to the world safely heart and with complete confidence.

The final products are packaged in trays, placed on pallets and carefully wrapped in a secure packaging so that the transport runs as smoothly as possible. Then our dairy projects are taken by freight lorries to Rotterdam Harbour, and from there to global markets.

Globemilk: innovator in dairy

Globemilk is a flexible and innovative partner in UHT dairy products. Every day we work on developing new consumer products that fit in the latest trends in the market.

In the picture you see our newest range with four specials: Barista milk, Matcha milk, Ice Coffee and White Chocolate milk!

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Globemilk: Sustainable Barista milk

From now on you always have the perfect milk for all your milk coffees at home. Developed with the best baristas and with extra attention for sustainability. This makes your coffee taste even better and now everyone can make the perfect cup of coffee.

At Globemilk we strive for the lowest possible environmental impact. To give the farmers a helping hand, Globemilk has a special money-box for sustainability initiatives by farmers. This is filled by the sales of the Globemilk Barista Milk: every sold pack drops 5 cents in this money-box. With this savings, initiatives from the farmers are stimulated. The most sustainable initiatives are rewarded with a contribution up to 50% of the investment, from this money-box!

Consumers who buy Globemilk Barista Milk thus contribute to the sustainability of the dairy chain.

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Globemilk: from the meadows to your table

Quality requires constant attention. This begins in the meadow and only ends with the consumer. At Globemilk, quality is something you work on all the time: we check the entire process, far outside of the factory walls.

Curious? Check out our production line and discover why our milk is safe and reliable.

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Globemilk: specialist in milk

Milk is healthy and delicious. Milk provides energy, strong bones and is full of vitamins and minerals. Milk is good for everyone, young and old. This is why Dutch people have been drinking milk for centuries.

Our cows are strong and well cared for. The result? Healthy milk of the highest quality. Available in a premium brand concept directly traceable to the milk processing plant.

Are you looking for a reliable partner who specialises in long shelf-life milk? Globemilk delivers milk to distribution partners in Africa and Asia in particular. Together we bring Dutch dairy products to the world. 

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History and family business

The Dutch dairy industry has a long history and is the basis of the modern global dairy sector. From 1870, hundreds of milk processing plants flourished, but of these just one specialist in long-life milk remains: Globemilk BV.

Starting from the vision that the best milk products for everyone must be accessible worldwide, we work with distribution partners every day to achieve this dream.

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Globemilk: partner in innovation

Globemilk believes in the power of Dutch milk. From China to Dubai, and from Nigeria to Indonesia: our long shelf-life milk is consumed everywhere. We produce more than the trusted UHT milk: working with partners, we continuously develop new dairy products.

Globemilk manages the entire chain and can thus develop all possible products. Are you looking for a reliable partner who specialises in innovation of milk products?

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Business in Europe

Collaboration within Europe? Looking for an innovative milk concept? At Globemilk, innovation is our daily practice.

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