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  • Strong cows
  • Intensive care
  • The Dutch countryside is just bursting with fresh grass!

Windmills, meadowlands and cows: a typical Dutch landscape. For centuries Dutch cows have had space to graze here. We select the best for our livestock. Dutch cows are strong and healthy, a reliable basis for high-quality Dutch milk.

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  • Chain for Quality Milk (KKM) certification
  • COKZ (The Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk products) certification
  • Traditional expert farmers

Globemilk likes working in conjunction with professional dairy farmers from their own environment, experienced farmers with many years in the business who know their cows and their land through and through. In this way our cows get the care and attention they need, a vital ingredient for healthy milk.

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  • Strict quality checks
  • Registration and documentation
  • Certified milk lorry drivers 

At Globemilk, checking raw materials is our second nature: each delivery is inspected for antibiotics, temperature, pH-value, and documentation. In addition, the various components of the milk are analysed, such as fat, protein and lactose. When these requirements are satisfied, the raw milk is accepted into the production process. In this way we guarantee high quality with the trusted flavour.

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  • Skilled personnel
  • UHT heating
  • Sterile packaging (aseptic)

The Dutch raw milk is heated to an Ultra High Temperature (UHT), so that long-life milk and cream products can be made from it. The milk is aseptically filled, so is hygienic and safe. Globemilk has a variety of filling machines which make a complete range of dairy products possible. After filling, each package is provided with a print that includes a unique code. This Track-and-Trace-system on the print code ensures that products can always be traced everywhere.

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  • Highest BRC & IFS certification
  • COKZ certification
  • Track-and-Trace 

In order to safeguard the flavour as well as product safety, all processes at Globemilk are carefully monitored. To guarantee high quality milk, extensive quality checks take place before, during and after production. This way we can release our products to the world safely heart and with complete confidence.

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  • Export-worthy packaging
  • Certification and documentation included
  • Delivered to harbour destination 

The final products are packaged in trays, placed on pallets and carefully wrapped in a secure packaging so that the transport runs as smoothly as possible. Then our dairy projects are taken by freight lorries to Rotterdam Harbour, and from there to global markets.

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Image of the production chain

Want to know about our production chain? Watch the video for a peek behind the scenes, because a picture really does say more than 1000 words.

From the cows in the fields to shop shelves all over the world: care and attention are anchored throughout the chain. Discover the secret of the most delicious Dutch milk, discover the strength of Globemilk.



  • Professional
  • Certified
  • KKM (Chain of Quality Milk) accreditation

The quality guarantee at the dairy farm is an integral part of the Globemilk quality policy. With the KKM quality mark (Dutch Chain of Quality Milk), our farmers demonstrate that they comply with the highest certification.


  • COKZ
  • Production recognition
  • Chain inspection

COKZ stands for Central Organ for Quality Matters in the Dairy industry. COKZ is independent and provides an objective and professional assessment of the quality system and quality of the milk products throughout the chain, from farmer to consumer.


  • Track-and-Trace
  • Highest EU standards

The quality system within Globemilk provides full assurance regarding food safety and product quality. Inspection and registration of the raw milk up to the quality testing well after production make the Track-and-Trace system the heart of the processing plant.

Food Safety

  • BRC: A-status
  • IFS: highest level
  • Foodsafety

The highest international accreditation in the area of food safety consists of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standards). Globemilk has been granted the highest evaluation for both accreditation organisations. 


  • Veterinary certificate
  • Health Certificate
  • Quality Certificate

Only the best milk products are permitted to be exported, food safety and quality remain central. On behalf of the Dutch government, the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) maintains supervision of export products and provides assurance of the origin of the milk over the entire chain.

Dutch Premium Quality

Dutch people are one of the tallest in the world. This has everything to do with our dairy industry. Generations of Dutch people have grown up with a daily glass of milk. This makes sense, as our milk is full of calcium, protein and vitamins and minerals. Globemilk makes the quality available to everyone.

Globemilk is the only Dutch manufacturer of long shelf-life dairy products. The flavours created in Dutch pastures, are then accessible to everyone all over the world.

  • Authentic Dutch products
  • Premium product presentation
  • Ideal corporate gift

Curious about Globemilk products? Order the gift box and taste the quality of Dutch milk.