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As a producer of one of the world's most important food sources, we are very aware of the value our dairy products have and our contribution to society. With our products we reach millions of people on this planet, therefor we only find the very best good enough.

Our mission: Providing as many people as possible in the world with our high quality Dutch milk to contribute to the world's food supply.
In doing so, we take our social responsibility by becoming more and more sustainable, with an eye for society, the cows and nature. From these three pillars, we make the production chain more and more sustainble. With the help of a special program, we ensure that sustainable entrepreneurship is high on ours and our farmer's strategic agenda. We involve our customers and partners in this, in order to realize sustainability in the entire chain.



Our farmers
Our livestock farmers are professionals who are proud of their company. With passion they work every day for the highest quality milk with the best nutritional values. They take good care of their cows and strive for the least possible impact on the environment.
To give our farmers an extra helping hand, we have a special money-box for sustainability initiatives. This is filled by the sales of our Globemilk Barista Milk: every sold pack will drop 5 cents in this money-box. With this budget, initiatives of our farmers are stimulated by rewarding the most sustainable initiatives with a contribution of up to 50% from this money-box!

Consumers who buy the Barista Milk thereby contribute to the sustainability of the dairy chain. You can read more about this on the right side.

Globemilk was found by an entrepreneurial family of dairy farmers, so the connection with our farmers is still very close. Together we are responsible for a large part of the chain 'from grass to glass'. A high-quality consumer product starts with a sustainable production chain. This is where we can make our impact.

Consumers find it increasingly important to know that their food comes from a fair and sustainable source. We find this very logical and that is why we make the production chain as transparent as possible. This does not only have benefits for the consumer: in this way the farmer gains more insight into his own business operations, we safeguard our knowledge of the entire chain and we can show consumers where our Dutch milk comes from. Transparency is therefore of great importance to ultimately bring back more to consumers and our farmers.

~ COW ~

Animal welfare & Animal health
A healthy cow is lively, has a shiny skin, ruminates for many hours, moves smoothly through the herd and gives many kilograms of good quality milk. That is why it is important for a healthy cow to remain fit. Therefor we do not only look at the cow, but also at the most important environmental factors. By optimizing housing, food and water, and the milk routines, cows can be prevented from becoming sick and needing medication.
To keep the welfare and health of the cows as high as possible, our farmers can use a platform from Globemilk. The aim is to continue to improve animal welfare and animal health in a structural way.


Because we only have one planet, we have to be careful with our nature. That's why we strive for local solutions. Because we only process Dutch milk, we save a lot of fuel and therefore CO2 emissions compared to (sustainable) milk that is processed abroad. In addition, we get our raw materials from our own country as much as possible to keep our footprint to a minimum.
We also stimulate a circular economy; this is a system in which waste does not exist and raw materials are used again and again. For example, the manure of the cow is collected and used again to make the soil fertile so that delicious nutritious and herb-rich grass can grow again for the cow. This way of working promotes biodiversity and keeps nature in balance. Another example is our water treatment plant, which ensures that we can reuse water.


This money-box makes it possible to make a real impact with our farmers and contribute to a more sustainable world, so that the next generation(s) can still enjoy the best milk products in a beautiful world! We encourage our farmers to actively develop in the field of sustainability.

How does it work?
Every year, our farmers can submit projects to our sustainability committee. The jury consists of three members: a sustainability specialist, a veterinarian and our owner, to ensure a fair and independent judgment. Each idea is tested against Globemilk's three pillars of sustainability. The idea with the highest impact and feasibility gets the most points and is the winner. This winner can start executing his project and can count on support from the sustainability savings of Globemilk. Up to 50% of the investment and until the money-box is empty. A year after the realization of the project, the objective of the initiative will be tested again to see whether it has actually been achieved.

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